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My name is Dee and my pronouns are She/her. I am an Irish, Trans, Digital Artist, Streamer, and Voice Actor. I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and I have over 15 years of experience as a professional Voice Actor. I have worked on childrens cartoons as well as a number of animated films. In my spare time I like to stream on twitch as a VTuber which allows me to explore creativity in a fun and inclusive way. I hope you find something you like while you visit.

DedByDawn Logo
DedByDawn Logo

I absolutely love being creative. My passion is drawing and as I got older and my hands became shakier due to my health I found digital art to be the perfect medium for me. I get to enjoy my passion again after years of doubting myself and now I feel like I can accurately get my ideas out there for the world to see.
(An undo button doesn't hurt either)🤣

As of now the best place to get Prints, Badges, and Stickers from me is my Ko-Fi shop but if clothes are more you thing then please check out my Threadless and Redbubble.
💜💜💜I hope you like what you see💜💜💜

DedByDawn Logo

I have been working as a voice actor for over 15 years. Kids cartoons for both irish and international tv networks. I have voiced everything from singing whales with toothaches, Talking Vegetable people, all the way to villains, heroes, and much, much more.
If you would like to work with me or just listen to my Demo Reel please send me details of the project via email at and I can quote prices and availability.
(I reserve the right to accept or deny jobs)

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